Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've been tagged by Mary Ellen @ It's me I think. Since I new at this blogging thing I hope I do this right.....here goes.....

1. I was as tall as I am now when I was 12! (Almost 5'8") Believe me boys are a lot shorter at that age than girls. I wore flat shoes a lot!

2.The first time I went to college I was an Art major. Art is still a major part of my personality. (I'm a Gemini, so that blends the science side (nursing) and art, I love to remodel and decorate.

3. I've been divorced for over 34 years. Never married again. Went back to nursing school when I was 31. (so now you know how old I am)

4. Italian food is my favorite. Probably because I'm half Italian but don't speak the language. I do speak French, though and can figure out a lot of Italian when I read it.

5. I'm originally from Kansas City. Love that town but hate the cold weather so I moved to Phoenix Arizona for 18 years before coming to Texas 10 years ago. Texas is a blend of both. The weather is more like AZ but the trees and green is more like KC. The picture above is the Country Club Plaza, a major shopping area in KC , they have lit this area at Christmas since before I was born. It is so beautiful!!

6. Pink Roses are my favorites

7. My greatest vice is...magazines. Don't smoke and barely drink.

Don't know any one well enough to tag them so Hope you find my answers interesting.


Neabear said...

Yes, your answers were interesting. It always fun to find out a little more about others in here in blogland.

Mary Ellen said...

Thank you for participating Diane, it's fun to learn something new (truthfully, everything I learn about you is new, since we are just starting to know each other.....tee hee). Wouldn't it be funny if we actually ran into each other in this big city.....

Denise said...

I don't blog, but read lots of them. My first degree was ub French, and I went back to nursing school at KUMC when I was thirty. I'm from KC, and fled the climate to Seattle. I've been a nurse for 30 years now. It seems like we have quite a bit in common! Denise

just a little bit shabby said...

Denise,so glad you stopped by. I did part of my clinical at KUMC.I went to KU in Lawrence when I was an art major.
I graduated nursing from JCCC.
I like Seattle a lot. It is so green. My BFF lives outside of Portland in WA she just retired from psych. nursing last year. Stop by again.

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