Saturday, October 24, 2009

Une Petite Vignette

This little vignette is inside the armoire in my bedroom. I have temporarily papered the inside of the armoire with old sheet music and some pretty boxes . Also some old baby shoes and a compote filled with silk and dried roses. I bought this compote in Maryland many years ago.

The top shelf of this armoire is filled with pretties and the lower shelves house my small TV and my DVD's and CD's as well as a small portable stereo. I open the doors to watch TV but otherwise everything is hidden from view.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Glorious Morning to All!

This morning I looked out the window to my garden and saw such a glorious site. My Morning Glory vine was in full bloom! With the recent rains and some warming sun the vine has started to thrive. It is so wonderful for the drought to finally be behind us. It's a cool morning and promises to be a wonderful week end.
I heard from my wallpaper order and was told it should be on it's way in the next few days. I am anxious to get it put up and then that will be one step closer to finishing the majority of the bedroom project.
Wishing each and everyone of you sunshine and a glorious Saturday!


Sunday, October 11, 2009


The past two weeks have been pretty difficult! Our sweet Holly finally got to the point that she couldn't get herself up from laying on her side. Above seven years ago she slipped a disc in her back and has had difficulty using her back legs. At one point we thought we would have to put her into a doggie wheelchair but she regained use of her legs after several steroid shots and a couple of months of Rimadryl. Lately though she had trouble getting up and even going out to do her business. She was after all 151/2 years old. I think she has been senile for at least the past six months but she still loooooved to eat. Her vision was failing, too. So, as hard as it was, I made the decision to put her down. I get a lump in my throat just thinking about it. We used to call her Hurricane Holly when she was young. She loved to play escape artist and you could chase her for blocks before you could get her cornered! Then there was the time she stole the roast off the dining room table...She was quite a gal!!

Secondly, we've had our flu clinic at work and that was 2 grueling days. I've been having problems with my left arm (I'm left handed and that is my mastectomy side) so I didn't do as much shooting as I did drawing up a lot of the vaccine. I guess all the painting and wallpapering finally caught up to me. I even went and had a mammogram of that side and an ultrasound of the area to be sure there was nothing dangerous going on. October is, after all, Breast Cancer Awareness month and I encourage all of you, if you haven't done it this year, to get your mammograms. It saved my life five years ago. I guess no matter how long it has been you always carry that little spark of fear around with you and especially if you have any disturbing symptoms such as I was having. Luckily, the tests were negative. I am so thankful for this.

The photo above is one of my Grandmother when she was 18. It is sitting on the chest in my bedroom. (It's on loan from my Mom). Beside the picture is a small jewelry box that I received when I was 18. Some pearls that were given to me as a child and a pin that I made from vintage buttons. My grandmother was a very elegant lady. She was an accomplished seamstress, knitter, cook and all things domestic, except she couldn't bake a cake to save her soul! Wonderful pies, biscuits but never cakes. My Mom on the hand couldn't make a pie......

Well, I FINALLY decided what to do with my dressing room. I chose the trellis wallpaper in one of the previous posts. I ordered it yesterday but will have to wait to see if they have it in stock.
So hopefully, if they do, I'll be able to put it up next weekend. So, keep your fingers crossed.