Monday, September 28, 2009


March 13, 1994 --September 28, 2009
We love you baby girl!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eney Meany Miney Moe!

Well, I have been wrestling over and over with what I like the best for the dressing area.
Above is the dressing area painted pink. I thought I could paint it the pink first and then if Idon't like it I can paper over it. Below is a picture of the other side wall, but I took some of the bedroom wallpaper and turned it sideways folding the stripe down. I'm thinking of cutting out the lower section of the paper so that it would look like a laser cut with the roses being the lower edge. I have enough wallpaper left over to do it. Am I just being cheap or will it look good?

I went on line and and looked at the border that matches and I need 2 rolls. It comes in 15 foot rolls and I need 16 feet. There are a couple of other coordinating papers that are available, too. Maybe they would be the solution. One is a damask that is predominantly the pink and the other is kind of a small x type paper with mostly the cream color (see above). Does this make it more confusing or do you think the answer is there?

I'm still not sure what to do yet. I want it to look as good as the other parts of the room and I'd spend the extra money if it meant "making" the project come together. Again, I'd like to hear what you all think. Thanks again.

Monday, September 14, 2009

OK, OK, You Win!

The past two week ends I've been working on phase 3 of the bedroom project. This portion is the dressing area between the bedroom and the bathroom. It is where my dressing table, sink and closet are.

This where I put on my face every morning before work and have breakfast with my two dogs.
You can see part of my shell mirror that is coming apart. After I took these pictures I took it out and put another mirror there that has some rose appliques at the top. It is currently white but will get a coat of the cream paint as soon as I am able. On the drawer front you can see a rose applique. I added one to the drawer and one to the panel in front of the sink. The beautiful lamp is called Queen Marie. She was named by my Grandmother. This lamp is another one of the lamps that I got to have that belonged to her. I love this lamp.

Here is a close up of the applique.
Now the question is what looks best with the bead board that I have spent the last 2 days putting up. I must admit that it was a challenge. It's not the first time I've done bead board but it is the first time I've put it up in such a small place. You ask why is that such a challenge? It required a lot of cuts. I used the small panels instead of the 4x8 sheets, they are easier to work with but cutting down the length with a jig saw is not easy. Trying to stay on the straight is not easy. I'm not really good with a saw, be it jig or circular. My main problem with circular saws is that they are too heavy for me to handle easily, so I tend to use the jig saw more easily. I'm trying to decide what I want to put above the bead board. I have three options.
First....the wallpaper in the bedroom.

Secondly, the wallpaper in the bathroom.

Thirdly, pale pink paint that I had mixed off of the palest pink in the rose wallpaper in the bedroom. (which is in the first picture above.) Which do you think goes the best? I'm kind of leaning toward the small print in the bathroom, but I'm going to keep all three of them up for this week to see if I still feel the same. What do you think?

I hope that you all know how much I appreciate all the comments of my last post. It is nice to know that there are people out there who enjoy my blog. I have tried to take all your comments to heart and proceed from there. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm Sad

I 'm feeling sad. I've been blogging for almost a year now and I feel that I'm not able to continue. Other blogs are so much better. I'm not sure what I've done that wasn't right. I do feel that I've tried and I'm not wrong, I'm just not right. I looked back to see when I started last year and it was Sept. 17. I'm going to keep posting until then but after that I'm not sure what I'm going to do.
I have to say thanks to the few people who do read me on a fairly regular basis and those who leave comments. Please tell me what I can do to improve and generate additional readers or interest. I don't mean to be gloomy. When I first started people advised me to get a counter, and if not for that I would have quit a longtime ago, it shows me that a least some people are coming by even if they aren't leaving comments
There are so many talented people out there. Cindy at My Romantic Home has been the force that encouraged me to start blogging. Her site is so great and she has a zillion readers. Valarie, Penny, Mary Ellen, Jean and Cindy, thanks to all of you for your encouragement.
I had the privilege of corresponding with some great people. I feel like there are a few of you that I consider friends I don't want to list names for fear that I could leave someone out and hurt someones feeling, but know that I appreciate you ALL.
Am I being too sensitive? Too self-absorbed. Too DEPRESSED??? I really am a very upbeat person and try to be somewhat of a clown but I guess I'm not able to transfer that to my posts.
Anyway I'm going to keep trying until Sept 17...
thanks for listening to me ramble