Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eney Meany Miney Moe!

Well, I have been wrestling over and over with what I like the best for the dressing area.
Above is the dressing area painted pink. I thought I could paint it the pink first and then if Idon't like it I can paper over it. Below is a picture of the other side wall, but I took some of the bedroom wallpaper and turned it sideways folding the stripe down. I'm thinking of cutting out the lower section of the paper so that it would look like a laser cut with the roses being the lower edge. I have enough wallpaper left over to do it. Am I just being cheap or will it look good?

I went on line and and looked at the border that matches and I need 2 rolls. It comes in 15 foot rolls and I need 16 feet. There are a couple of other coordinating papers that are available, too. Maybe they would be the solution. One is a damask that is predominantly the pink and the other is kind of a small x type paper with mostly the cream color (see above). Does this make it more confusing or do you think the answer is there?

I'm still not sure what to do yet. I want it to look as good as the other parts of the room and I'd spend the extra money if it meant "making" the project come together. Again, I'd like to hear what you all think. Thanks again.


Stacey said...

I think it's very pretty without the border. That's just my idea though. Love the pink.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

I love the pink and that border is gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of cutting out the bottom half so it would look like it was laser cut. I would be time consuming though. I think whichever way you go it is going to be beautiful. Just look at what you have done with the other parts of your house. Trust yourself friend- you know what your doing!!


Stella said...

The pink is a beautiful color and I think cutting it out would give you a unique look. But I am sure as you think about the right idea will just pop.

Sharon said...

Just fyi ... I can't ready any of the writing on the back background. Pretty pictures though.

Neabear said...

I love the pink color. The border idea is good too. That is a pretty shade of pink.