Monday, April 19, 2010

Update and Garage Sale Purchase

Just a little over two weeks until D day or should I say R day! I have a big calendar that I am crossing the days off. Lots of things going on. Trying to get my health needs taken care of before I lose all my benefits at work. Have dental appointment today to get my new crown. Looking into supplements for Medicare. Just little details. Not very exciting.

I talked to my carpenter and he can't start on my garage conversion until the beginning of June and though I find it frustrating, it gives me additional time to work out the space planning. Last week end while heading through a nearby neighborhood I saw this armoire. I had an appointment I had to go to so I didn't get a chance to stop to investigate it. So the next day Jen and I went back and luckily it was still there. The best part was that they were asking half the original price as it didn't sell the previous day. It is a computer armoire but I am also thinking, with the extra table that I could sew there, also.

It is very heavy wood and I told the man that I didn't have anyway to get it home. Luckily he had a truck and was willing to deliver it. So for now it sits in my garage waiting for a complete redo. I am going to paint it and antique it down.

The desk folds up and has a little clip that holds it up when the doors are closed. I like all the little cubbies for paper, etc. I think it will be very serviceable for my needs. I am thinking of wallpapering the inside. Maybe with old music pages. That would be a lot easier than cutting pieces of wallpaper but a pretty floral or something colorful would be good, too. What do you think?

There is metal panels in the doors so I will see how they look painted and distressed but I also am thinking of putting anaglypta wallpaper in there to give the look of an old pie safe with tin. What is your opinion? what do you think would look better?

This coming week end I'm going to have a garage sale at my sister's house on Saturday. They just sold their house and the neighborhood is having their semi annual garage sale so we are hoping to have a lot of traffic through there. I'll take every advantage to make some money and get rid of some more of my junk, oh, should I say gently used objects!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Rose Colored Glasses, Too!

Here's an additional view of the yard from the back gate. I'm really enjoying each and every rose.
Every plant and every bloom. I wanted to share it with all of you. Hope you enjoy as much as I am.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Looking at the world through "Rose" colored glasses!

Spring, has surely come to Texas and definitely to our home. My garden is a live with beauty.
The roses are a live with blooms, buds and greenery. The Hollyhock and Day lily's are green and thriving. After our long, long dry summer we have been blessed with an abundant amount of rain so that the plants that survived our extended freeze are growing like a house afire!
I am a pink rose lover and all the roses I have planted in this side of the yard are all shades of pink. I have Belinda's Dream, First Prize, Cecil Brunner and I just planted a Perfume Delight this Spring

I have large pots on each side of the patio that I have planted small white daisies, shades of pink petunias and another plant that is lavender, don't know it's name but I liked it when I saw it.

My climbing rose in the picture just above is called Social climber and it literally must have about 100 blooms on it. I get a lot of sun on this side of my house and the roses have really thrived in this area. Also the Hollyhocks are sun lovers so they, too, have pushed skyward.
Things have been very busy here. Trying to get refinancing done, which closed today. Still working and getting some health issues settled. being so busy has been a good thing as it has made these last few weeks fly by. May 5th is looking closer and closer.
I haven't heard from my carpenter yet but I've been going through my old magazines looking for ideas to incorporate into the room. I'm definitely going shabby chic but still haven't settled on a definite color. I keep coming back to my pink roses and pale blue but nothing is definite yet. I'm getting anxious to get is hard to be patient.