Monday, April 19, 2010

Update and Garage Sale Purchase

Just a little over two weeks until D day or should I say R day! I have a big calendar that I am crossing the days off. Lots of things going on. Trying to get my health needs taken care of before I lose all my benefits at work. Have dental appointment today to get my new crown. Looking into supplements for Medicare. Just little details. Not very exciting.

I talked to my carpenter and he can't start on my garage conversion until the beginning of June and though I find it frustrating, it gives me additional time to work out the space planning. Last week end while heading through a nearby neighborhood I saw this armoire. I had an appointment I had to go to so I didn't get a chance to stop to investigate it. So the next day Jen and I went back and luckily it was still there. The best part was that they were asking half the original price as it didn't sell the previous day. It is a computer armoire but I am also thinking, with the extra table that I could sew there, also.

It is very heavy wood and I told the man that I didn't have anyway to get it home. Luckily he had a truck and was willing to deliver it. So for now it sits in my garage waiting for a complete redo. I am going to paint it and antique it down.

The desk folds up and has a little clip that holds it up when the doors are closed. I like all the little cubbies for paper, etc. I think it will be very serviceable for my needs. I am thinking of wallpapering the inside. Maybe with old music pages. That would be a lot easier than cutting pieces of wallpaper but a pretty floral or something colorful would be good, too. What do you think?

There is metal panels in the doors so I will see how they look painted and distressed but I also am thinking of putting anaglypta wallpaper in there to give the look of an old pie safe with tin. What is your opinion? what do you think would look better?

This coming week end I'm going to have a garage sale at my sister's house on Saturday. They just sold their house and the neighborhood is having their semi annual garage sale so we are hoping to have a lot of traffic through there. I'll take every advantage to make some money and get rid of some more of my junk, oh, should I say gently used objects!!


Linda Q said...

Awesome find, I want one! Especially for when we get my craft/larger laundry room done.
Bet it will look cute when you get done with it.

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

You found precious amoire! I envy you with good cause! :-) can't wait to see the make over!

Jean Tuthill said...

The armoire is beautiful and has so much storage space! That will hold so much stuff. I love that it has the table in it. I can't wait to see it all finished. I'm sure you will love retirement, I sure do. It's so nice to have time to do stuff and not have to figure out how you will space out the time to get it done. I'm glad you decided to stay in your house, you have put so much work into it already. It would be a shame to have to start all over. Good luck with your garage sale! said...

I wonder if the metal panels can be painted and then used as magnet boards??

Kom Achterom said...

What a nice armoire!
I like your site.
Its a lovely home and i come back to visite you
I wil follow your blog
have a nice weekend

Tea Time With Melody said...

What a fantastic find you got here. Lot's of makeover possibilities. There is always a treasure out there waiting if we look isn't there?