Friday, June 26, 2009


I came home from work tonight to the completed deck. Being the nut that I am I had to get busy and decorate it. I tried to use what I have out there so there will be some more things changed around but I just had to share how it looks! I love it!!! ISN'T IT FABULOUS!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

#%$&@# Internet

Sorry I've been gone so long but I have been without my Internet for almost a week. I have been on the phone with Time Warner so many time I can't even count .........It's really frustrating. It would connect on both computers then if they get turned off it's gone again. So I'm going to post this so if I get knocked off again I'll give you something new to look at.

This is one of the day lilies that I got from my old neighbor. Isn't it just the most beautiful lily! It's name is Web of Intrigue! I love it!

We started some new projects here this week. At last I got my old fashion screen doors put up (finally) I have had them in my garage for over a year! I bought them back with me from Alabama last year but haven't gotten anyone to put them up until now. I got one of them primed today but still have the others to do. (there are 3 of them) Also we cleared an area on the patio (on the yard with my gazebo) to start the deck. The problem is that there has been several big trees planted in that area and the stumps are too large to dig up so I'm having a low deck built over the top of them. The stump area was covered with rock and that area sits right in the middle of the patio so it limited the usable area. If you go to my last post and enlarge the picture of the gazebo you can see the edge of the rock and see how my table and
chairs have to be crowded over to the side. When the deck is done I'll be able to put the table in the middle and not be crowded. Also we are going to add some benches to perimeter at least on the far side so it will give me added seating for guests.It will give me a nice large flat surface 12x12 which will be all usable space. I want to paint a large square rug on the top. The carpenters have taken up all the concrete pavers and set the posts. On Monday they start the base. Can't wait. That tree, then the stump have been a big pain to me since I moved in here. Next post I'll show you the deck, that is if I can keep my Internet........

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Tour of My Sun Garden

I tried to delete these pictures up here but I can't seem to do matter what I try. I know that some of you can relate. So you'll just have to see them twice..sorry, wish I could figure it out. I've been working for over an hour trying everything but nothing works.....So be patient with me...'cause I have no patience left!!!!!

I've been working on my garden a lot this spring. I've only lived in this house for less than 2 years and this is my second summer to work. One of the flower beds was already here but I've extended it and added a second one on the other side of the yard. My house has two small yards, one on the living room side and another off my bedroom. The garage is in the middle of the back of the house and you enter off an alley. The driveway divides the two sides, therefore leaving two long narrow yards. The fence comes off the side of the garage and behind that I've covered the area with weed cloth and river rock to cut down on the maintenance.
The picture above is of the living room side of the yard. I am working on the other side but not ready to show it yet. It creates two gardens, because of that I have one sun garden and one shade garden. It is kind of fun to have one of each, it gives each its own look.

I got these double purple coneflowers a couple of weeks ago at Lowe's. I've seen them in the magazines but never found them until then. Best of all they were gallon size plants marked down to $3.50. I went back a couple of days later to see if any were left but, no they were all gone. Aren't they beautiful and so unusual. If you're interested they are called Double Delight.
This is Mr. Peter Rabbit. I saw him at the nursery one day and fell deeply in love! He was quite expensive so I resisted for quite awhile but I finally gave in. After all he's concrete and will last for a long time..... I just love him!
I am partial to pink flowers but try to incorporate some other colors. I have some day lilies that a former neighbor gave me . When I got them they were dry and had been shipped from her Mother's home in Oregon. I didn't know what color they were but FREE is good enough! I have some dark ones and a peachy one and one that is a cream color. The cream one is blooming today.
And so is the peachy one. They are repeat bloomers, too. I moved them from my other yard when I sold the house. Wish I had taken more of my plants as the young couple I sold the house to have taken out a lot of my plants. I guess they are not gardeners. I can't bear to go by the house anymore as they have changed it soo much and taken out a lot of my
plants. It makes me really sad.

I have a gazebo that I did bring with me. The one I left ended up torn up on the ground and it was only 1 year old. Oh well. The one I bought is an 8 foot one that fit on my side patio at the other house. I had it for several years and the canvas was gone so I added white lattice to the top and sides. It cost me more than replacing it with a new one but this will last for a longtime so I felt it was worth the expense. It isn't waterproof but does provide nice filtered shade. I think it has more ambiance than a stock one.

I covered the two chairs out there with a cornflower blue vinyl and that makes them somewhat waterproof. I like that it brings the blue from the living room out to the patio. I had a fountain that I used with it at the other house too, but even though it was cute it was constantly evaporating the water. So I drilled holes in the bottom for drainage and put some asparagus ferns inside. It still has the fountain look without the hassle. Here's a picture of the gazebo.... and one of the greenhouse,too. Hope you enjoyed your little tour!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Au Claire de la Lune!

Tonight is the full moon and it looks so beautiful, especially through the crape myrtle trees in my neighbors yard. Hope you are enjoying your week end.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another Project To Work On

Back in March when we were visiting our friends in Alabama my friend and I spent an afternoon looking at wallpaper books. She and I both love wallpaper. I found what I wanted for my bedroom and she found her paper, too. After a long wait for the paper (it was on back order)

I finally got my paper so now I'm trying to pick out paint colors. The paper is vines of beautiful pink roses with green leaves and two shades of cream. I'll show you the paper when I get it up but for now I'll keep it for a surprise until it is all done.

When I moved into this house I had a king size canopy bed but it was just a little to big for the room so I sold the bed and mattress and got a queen. I got a metal bed from Penny's but frankly was disappointed in the color. Since the vines and leaves of the roses were an apple green I got some green paint and started experimenting with the paint the day I changed the sheets on the bed. Part of the bed is painted (almost ) What do you think? I mixed a little cream in with it too.

I'll post again the results of the finished product.