Tuesday, July 20, 2010

OH SO COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Happy Day!!! The room is complete! I absolutely love it. It is all I wanted and expected and a lot more......
I still need to finish painting the bead board and the cabinet but all the rest is done. Now we can move in the furniture and start decorating. My very favorite things to do!! Isn't it just fabulous! It is so exciting to see your vision come to life. Like I said it is even more than I could have wished for. Thanks to my great guys for all their hard work. Last night they were down on their knees cleaning and grouting the floor until almost 9 pm. They were dog tired and barely limped out of here! (Literally!)

Here you can see the screen door that will keep the dog from bolting out the door if she gets the chance as well as one of my hidden closets with the door slightly ajar. I love the way that they turned out. I need to mount the brackets and add the shelves and then I can start loading in all my precious items (aka my junk!) With the doors being 8 feet tall I can use the space all the way to the top so that should give me lots of space. The best part of this is that there are 2, count them, 2 of these closets! Lots of storage. In my case there can never be too much storage. (It's a quirk I picked up from my Mom! She says it's hereditary!!!)

This is a picture of the doors closed, with my air conditioner/heater that we installed into the wall. I particularly like it because it is white. Some of them I looked at were gray or black and that didn't fit into my room. It was great when we finally got to the stage that we could start it up and work in the cool room instead of the very warm Texas heat! It certainly made it a lot easier to prime and paint the ceiling and walls.

Here you can see the doors open. I think that when I get all the bead board enameled that they will be even more inconspicuous. You can see the cabinets are just primed also. I've already put my stereo in there and today we put the new TV in.
My next post will be number 100 and I'm hoping to show you the room decorated to celebrate this milestone. It may take me a couple of weeks to get there but I'm hoping that you will feel it was worth the wait. Until then I'll be busier than a cat in a rocking chair factory. See you then.......

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Closer, Still

What you see, if you look closely, is the wall with all the bead board. If you look over the equipment you can see the cabinets which will be where the TV will sit. On each side there are closets. What, you say? You see bead board on one side and plain wood on the other. What will be is invisible doors. They will be bead board on the outside and blend into the wall so you won't be able to see that there are closet doors. I'll show you more when they get completed.

This is the North wall and you can see the window and the single French door. Also the pre-primed bead board and unpainted trim. Also the wall color. It's a Martha Stewart Living paint called Buckwheat Flour. On the very left side of the picture is the edge of the French door that leads to the laundry room and beyond that the entry into the original house.

I wanted to include this picture of my hardworking guys. They are mixing the thin set to lay the tile in the room. A king size mixer blade driven by an electric drill. To the left is Greg and on the right is Royce. They've worked really hard and with great accuracy to make my dream a reality! Thanks guys, you're the best!!

We should be done in the next few days so hang tight we'll be back.......soon!!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

More Progress

The tile is down in both the room and the laundry room. I've primed all the sheet rock and painted the ceiling. The ceiling was not FUN!! I don't have a good neck and looking up for so long was definitely a struggle, but it is done and boy am I glad. Part of the Sheetrock was the original that was in the garage and it absorbed the primer like a sponge. I went through 5+ gallons of primer and that wasn't even all the surface as the rest will be covered with bead board. It always feels sooooo good to have such a icky task behind you.
I, finally, have picked the wall color. My Mom was a great help. I must have bought 7 samples before we finally settled. The tile is a grayish beige and colors were either to yellow or something else. I do think we did settle on the right one!!!
The interior doors are in. When we got over to the door that was one of the original garage exits we found that the door casing was rotted. So we had to buy a new door there. So since I needed to get a new one I put a French door there, too. It's a single one but it adds even more light and a view of the patio on bedroom side. Now all the doors match.
Today, the guys are setting the front door and starting on the bead board. It's almost there....I'm so excited!!!