Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Glorious Morning to All!

This morning I looked out the window to my garden and saw such a glorious site. My Morning Glory vine was in full bloom! With the recent rains and some warming sun the vine has started to thrive. It is so wonderful for the drought to finally be behind us. It's a cool morning and promises to be a wonderful week end.
I heard from my wallpaper order and was told it should be on it's way in the next few days. I am anxious to get it put up and then that will be one step closer to finishing the majority of the bedroom project.
Wishing each and everyone of you sunshine and a glorious Saturday!



Anonymous said...

Beautiful post!

erica said...

I love 'Morning Glory'. I have a Clematis but with this freezing has wilted away. I love your home.

Sheila said...

What a pleasent surprise for you to see the morning glory in all it's glory.. Very beautiful.

Rita said...

Hello Sandy,
i found your blog by some link somewhere... can't actually remember, but guess it doesn't really matter. Was intrigued by the name of your blog as I love shabby chic home decor and I'm glad i've stopped by. I like your blog and would like to follow.
I also love vintage home decor, old laces and linens, antiques, old teasets and I'm simply crazy about roses. Do not live in a house but in an apartment which doesn't let my soul free itself in decorating the way I'd like to. My teenage daugther thinks I'm out of my mind with this blogging thing and all the shabby chic makeovers that have been going on in my 70-square-meter apartment since I started my blog in mid-July.
I'd like to welcome you to visit my blog at
and do not forget to leave a line or two to let me know you've dropped by.
Until then, have a good week
PS Love your header photo - so shabby, romantic and inspiring.
Also, after reading your previous posts, would like to tell you that I'm glad you didn't quit posting. I feel you are a wonderful person with a lot to give to others :)

Sheree said...

Still love your "window house"! Thanks for the new photo.

Penny For Your Thoughts said...

ps - just wanted you to know that the morning glories are absolutely beautiful. Mine have been frozen in time for two weeks. Sorry, PSu

Sandy said...

Hi, I just found your blog through somone elses. I read your Sept 4 blog and can relate to wondering if your blog is interesting enough to other people, I've wondered the same thing about mine so I haven't posted for quite a while, maybe now I'll post...have enjoyed reading your blogs and must admit I chose yours cause my name is also Sandy...

Lou Cinda said...

I just found your blog and love it!! I love that wallpaper in your bedroom and bath! Cannot wait to see it all put together!

I am a follower and I will be back!

Lou Cinda :)

sissie said...

Your blog is so sweet. I love your arrangement inside your armoire. Isn't it great to have lovely things to look at all throughout your home????

Come visit me too.

I'll be back for more.

Neabear said...

Morning glories are so pretty. I grew some this year, but they did not get full and lush looking, but rather scraggly if that is a word. Maybe next year will be better.