Monday, September 20, 2010

Changing Things Around

There is an old adage that goes..the best laid plans of mice and men often go a rye. That is what I found out when I started to use my new room. It looked fabulous but when I started using it as a craft room it fell a little short. Nothing was readily available and felt somewhat awkward. I've had to "tweek" it a bit. That involved moving a lot of things around. I moved the family area around and consolidated it a little, expanding the craft side more. I spent the majority of yesterday rearranging furniture and seeing what looked best. I'm going to live with this arrangement for a while and see if this works better before I make it permanent. I guess time will tell........ Any thoughts??


sissie said...

Your room is so pretty and I like how it is arranged. I know what you mean though about arranging it so it works best for you. Keep tweaking until you get it the way it feel right.


Lezli said...

The room looks amazing! I wish that I had your talent for being so "shabby chic"!

Jean Tuthill said...

It's beautiful, no matter how it's arranged. It has to be practical, too, and you need to have things handy, so make it your own and make it work for you!

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful! I think it would be a continual process of tweaking as you work on different projects and figure out things flowing more in a certain way the room is arranged! I think too we think that it has to be magazine perfect or blog perfect all the time
which sometimes doesn't make for practical. (my hubby keeps reminding me of that!)

bee blessed

The Tin Rabbit said...

This room is beautiful!