Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm Backward! What do you think?

I've been running over in my mind what to post next.

I bought some fabric back in December.If you've read some of my previous posts you know that I have been looking for some fabric for my dining room window. The fabric in the living room that I love is a blue fabric with pink roses. I bought the piece of fabric on E-bay and it was just a small remnant. I have searched and searched to find more of it but to no avail. I keep checking E-bay and have spent hours on the Internet and in fabric shops but "Nada".

I've bought several pieces of fabric, gotten it home and didn't like it. It just doesn't fill the image of what I think the dining room should look like. Recently I bought 2 pieces of fabric online and when they arrived I was disappointed again.

One was a Toile and the other a companion stripe. The colors were just too strong. So the Toile was out. I liked the companion fabric better. The picture above is what it looks like BUT what you see is actually the back of the fabric. It gives it that old vintage look that I want. What do you think? Should I try it or keep looking?


Penny For Your Thoughts said...

Dear Miss Sandy,

I'm confused... and you're backwards? Am I looking at the original piece that you can't find any more of, or is this a pic of a later shipment from ebay? I don't mean to be so brainless, but without seeing all the fabrics you are talking about, I don't have a clue. The piece in the pic you've posted is absolutely lovely. I love the look of it. Definitely has that vintage quality about it.

Also, there's something I've seen done on HGTV where they take smaller pieces of "expensive" or "remnants" and creatively attached them to store bought curtains. Or you could try to match up one of the colors as an accent, and use this as a valance or trim at the top or bottom.

Or maybe I'm all wet and don't know what I'm talking about. Could you re-post pics of all three pieces? (Cringing with a grin!)

Penny Sue

Neabear said...

It is frustrating when you can't find more of a fabric you really like. If you don't have enough maybe it can be an accent fabric somehow. The fabric you do show is really pretty.