Sunday, March 1, 2009

Laundry Room : Update-Week 2

Well, here we are week two. We've completed all the priming, I have repaired the cracks in the ceiling and we have the ceiling painted. Today I put the enamel on the door and the frame, got part of the cabinet over the dryer painted and painted the almond refrigerator white. (that way in matches the washer and dryer.) The refrigerator that is in the garage was the one that was left here when we bought the house so we use it for an extra freezer and to keep all our sodas in. I also keep the bottled water in it, I give my dogs bottled water as my older dog had bladder stones and had to have surgery to remove them. I figure it is a small investment to keep them from getting them again. I also use it to make my coffee as our water here is really hard and I kept going through a coffee maker every year or so.

This afternoon I sized the primed walls and hung the first wall of wallpaper. My wallpaper arrived on Friday. I'm not too sure about the boarder yet but see what you think. I just have it pinned up with push pins. I wanted to get this first wall done so I can move the cabinet back. That way I can get the contents off of my dining room table..... I'm tired of looking at the mess!!

Next week end, finish the wallpaper, mount the brackets for the shelving and start getting the shelves installed. It's a tall order, I guess we'll see how much I can get done. For now, into a warm bath and try to relieve my aching muscles. Have a good week.


C Maisy said...

You are making such progress.
you go girl!

The Kramer Angle said...

Don't you love when it all starts coming together? I love the blue and white stripe wallpaper but because you asked, I have to say I'm not so sure about the border. It just cuts that great vertical stripe in half for no reason. Maybe try it at the ceiling instead?

Otherwise, love the paper!

Anonymous said...

It's looking good!! Did a great job on the wallpapering! Looking forward to seeing the end result and I am sure you will be happy to have it done!!


mah said...

Love the stripe!! I also like the border but I'm not sure about together. LOL I would have to do what you are doing, look at it for awhile. I wonder if you could use the border and cut the squares and maybe put them in picture frames? Just me thinking! Keep up the good work. I love that you painted the refrig. I did that once. Everybody thought I was nuts, but if you do it right it works! Mary Ann said...

How cheerful! that will make laundry a more pleasant task.

Jean Tuthill said...

It will be so nice when it's done, it'll be worth all the work. I love the blue stripe, it looks so clean and neat. I can't wait to see it all finished.