Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Than A Little Bit Shabby

In my next to last post I had part of my little greenhouse. The poor little thing is looking pretty shabby. I bought it at The Wimberley Market Days (In Wimberley Texas) about 7 years ago. At that time it was all glass windows. It has been outside in my back and front yards for all these years. I didn't have any way to replace the roof window when it almost fell apart so I got a sheet of trailer skirting, cut into two pieces and then antiqued it down to look old. I have replaced one of the side windows and now a lot of the panes are gone in some of the other windows. I added gingerbread scrolls to the front and a piece of tin ceiling trim across the front. In the past I had an outdoor spotlight in the top back and a cute terracotta statue and flowers inside. Now it sports an old watering can and some pink silk geraniums. I'd like to find a way to give it a makeover so I can continue to look at it in my garden. It's like an old friend, always there no matter what the weather.


Mary Ellen (megardengal) said...

Thank you thank you for showing us a close up of this sweet sweet little greenhouse! Oh how I would love one of these!! I actually found a tall old windown in our basement (still discovering things in this house!!) - don't know how to do anything with just 1 but guess it is a start!

mary said...

I noticed that green house right off in the previous post and was turning green myself, with envy! How adorable!

Elyse said...

that is very sweet!


Judi said...

What a sweet birdhouse. Its just lovely and looks so pretty as it is with the flowers in it too. You've done a good job fixing it it.
hope you have a lovely day
come by and visit when you have some time..

tales from an oc cottage said...

It's adorable!!!

m ^..^