Monday, May 11, 2009

The Travels of My Hollyhocks

A long time ago, at least 15 years or so my Mom bought some Hollyhock seeds from England. She planted them in her beautiful garden in Arizona. Now this may seem odd to plant Hollyhocks in the desert but if you plant something in Arizona, especially in the Scottsdale area, you water it and give it sun, it will grow. Add to that some great topsoil, beautiful rose companions and a woman who has one of the greenest thumbs ever and you get a gazillion, tall beautiful Hollyhocks.

When they self seed, you have a lot of volunteers to give away and a lot of seeds. I dug up a lot of these babies and transplanted them into my garden. Then I got you get the picture! These seeds have been given to willing gardeners all over the world. Some of the plants went to my dear friend Sherry, who still lives in Arizona. She gave some to her Mom and she gave some to her friends and on and on until they had travelled far and wide.

Recently she sent me some seeds from those same Hollyhocks and what you see is the first of my plants, and the first one to bloom. And of all days to burst into bloom, it happened on Mother's Day! The original gift from my Mom, to me. To top it all, it is a double pink Hollyhock, my very favorite. Thanks Mother for the legacy of the Hollyhocks, now planted and thriving here in my yard in Texas.!!

If these Hollyhocks could talk what wonderful tales they might be able to tell of thriving and growing with love from continent to continent and from rich earth and loving hands.


Shabby Cottage Collectibles said...

I just love hollyhocks but have never been about to get them to grow. You must have a very green thumb! Warm wishes, Esther

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you made an appearance!! Have missed you!

I know first hand about hollyhocks and the desert! In Alamogordo and Tularosa they are all over town and look so lovely especially near the old home sites. Once they get established they are hearty little creatures. My favorite picture in my mind of holly hocks is around TUlarosa - there are many adobe homes that have lovely old painted gates and hollyhocks on either side!

I love that greenhouse you showed us in the picture - I do hope we will get a closer look at the gem!


Anonymous said...


I wish I could grow Hollyhocks. When I was young, my mom and I would make Hollyhock dolls. Now I don't know if I would remember how. I love your blog. Keep postimg.

Frances said...

Welcome home!!! I missed reading your blog and am so glad you're back. The hollyhocks are beautiful. Again, welcome back and hope you had a wonderful and restful time while you were gone.

glimpse of my world said...

Hi SANDY... LOVE that little greenhouse.. did you make that? Very nice! Hope all is well with you.. HUgs!