Monday, July 20, 2009


Well, I guess that I haven't posted for a while but I've been really busy! Lots of projects on the fire. Trying to get the patio back together after the deck was finished. I had a lot of the cement pavers to replace that we had robbed to put under the shed for a foundation. I used the pavers that they removed from where they built the deck to replace the missing ones. Then of course I had to move everything around a bit to look better. What a hot job!! Especially when it has been over 100 for several weeks here and we still are having a drought! I'm trying to decide whether to put in a water feature, what a where. We moved the little lattice gazebo to the other side, by my bedroom and I still haven't gotten out there to get it all straightened up after the move.

Next, we painted my daughter's room, that took 2 days as the first part we painted was too blue and we had to tone down the paint with some additional white. It turn out good and I hope she is happy with it. We still have the dressing room, closet and bathroom to do but that can wait for a while (I hope!)

Next I started painting the new screen doors and the doors they are on. They had been the same cream color as the body of the house but I wanted to paint them blue. That took two days, also. But I think they turned out great. I have gingerbread on my porch and I am thinking of painting the little balls and some areas of the posts to look kind of like the painted ladies in San Francisco. I painted the shutters blue, also but need to pull the blue completely across the front to balance. I haven't painted that part yet. Guess that will come, maybe next weekend.

In this picture you can see the gingerbread and do you think it would look good with a touch of blue? I love the old fashioned screens, I got them in Alabama last year and carried them home on my X-terra. The didn't have them at my Home Depot here so I am glad that I made the effort to get them there.

Sorry this picture is sideways but it had uploaded before I realized it was on the right way. I washed my sheets today so it was a perfect time to do more work on the bed. I bought some apple green paint to paint it but it looked neon when I started putting it on so I decided to go for a rusty look. The wall paper has large pink roses in it with green leaves (it's a Laura Ashley design) but I need to get the walls painted first. The pattern is so large that I am only doing the wall behind the bed. Hopefully this will give a sort of garden look and the bed will look a little like a rusty gate. I guess that will have to wait for a future post. I used several colors of paint to get the look. I'll live with it for a while to see if this is exactly what I want.

I painted it with green, cream brown rust and a touch of yellow then I took my electric sander and roughed it up for that aged look. We'll see how it goes. Any suggestions????


Anonymous said...

You don't look like you need any suggestions friend! I LOVE the screen door color!! I think it would look sweet to add some of the blue to the posts somehow- not completely paint them but I have in my mind they way they would paint the gingerbread with several different colors- maybe just between to joints or such.

The bed turned out fabulous!! Looking forward to seeing the finished room- My you have been so very busy!! I wish I could say that!! Just sitting in my chair- trying to recoup from that nasty snake bite!! I do get to go to NM later this week to close on our house there and pack the rest of our household! Yeah!!!

So glad to see you back- have missed you!


Penny For Your Thoughts said...

Hey there friend...
Love your projects. You did a fantastic job on the bed. It really looks authentic. Beautiful! Can't wait to see pics as the room comes along. And I love your screen doors and the doors behind them. So very soothing and welcoming. Good to hear from you. I've got pics I've uploaded, but haven't posted just because by the time I sit down at night, I'm too tired to try to be creative enough to write anything, so my pics sit there. I need to post soon.

Hugs, Penny Sue

Jean Tuthill said...

Your screen door is beautiful, I love that cottage look. And I love the blue, I have mostly blue in my house, with accents of red and lots of white. I think the little blue would tie everything together. You could do some of it and see how you like it, and if you don't, just paint it out. I make cakes and sometimes I'll put a tiny little dot of color on the borders and it makes all the difference in how it looks. I say go for it! I bet you'll love it.

Stacey said...

Love the blue screen door!! It's so old fashioned and welcoming. I wouldn't paint the gingerbread...I don't think. It might take away from the door.

Your bed is beautiful. I have a friend who also did some painting handy work on a brass bed. It's amazing what you can do.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Love, love, love your creativity. Everything is so beautiful! :)

tsutton said...

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