Sunday, August 22, 2010

Starting the Tour

As you enter the door you will be greeted by the old fashioned screen door. I have great affection for this door. I personally carried it on the top of my X-Terra all the way from Mobile Alabama a couple of years ago.

When visiting my friend Nancy and her husband Rob in Mobile, they had a couple of them in their house and I just loved them. She had purchased them at Home Depot there in Mobile. Being unsure whether they had the same design at our local store. I purchased three of them to bring back home. When I designed the room I wanted to include the screen door. There were two reasons, one, to keep the dog from bolting out the back door and secondly, to add the vintage flavor that I wanted for the room.

As you can see I put hardware cloth across the lower part of the door instead of returning the screen. This gives the necessary safety factor without closing in the room, the screen is dark and would tend to separate the two areas. At present I just have it attached with wire but I want to staple it on and trim it out to give it a finished look on the back side.

As you open the screen door to your right is an old oak table that I acquired over 30 years ago.
It originally came from the garage of my stepfathers' sisters' house. My Mom had brought it out to her house after his sister passed away. She left it out in the weather when we all lived back in Kansas. When I got it, it had peeling white paint. I spent many hours out in my garage stripping all the old paint off. Who would have thought that years later I would have loved that finish!! I stained in walnut and put it in my kitchen. I have transported that table from Kansas to Arizona and then to Texas. I didn't have any place for it in my last two houses so it had been retired to my Mom's garage where I tried to sell it. Luckily no one bought it and it has returned back to me and got repainted, white.
I love to go to Hobby Lobby to see what is on sale 50% off that week. Back in April I found this little green house there just waiting for me to take home. I have a couple of African Violets in it with some moss and and a little angel to complete the vignette. In front I have an old book with some dried long stem roses. Underneath are some old pages that curled up when I tried to apply them to a slick surface that rejected them. On either side of the table are two small French rush
chairs. The table has drop leaves on both sides so when I want to use this as my work table for sewing or crafts I just need to lift the leaves to expand my working surface.

Here is the slick surface that rejected the book pages. They are inexpensive modular units that I bought at Target about 5 years ago. I primed them and painted them the soft blue of the Forget- me- not in my rose fabric. I then went around my house and pulled things from all over my house to create this display. The good thing about gleaning things from the other parts of the house is that it pared down some areas where I probably had a little too many things, if that is possible! The piece of gingerbead came from a closeout sale at Wimberly, a flea market in the Texas Hill Country.
In these cabinets and drawers I have a lot of my crafting equipment and some of my fabrics. I changed out the hardware as my friend Nancy told me that it wasn't vintage enough. I took Spackle and filled the extra holes where the old hardware had been. I wanted to use these vintage pulls but the price of them was just more than what I wanted to spend. Lowe's had some gold pulls that were marked down to 89 cents. So I bought a can of brushed nickel paint and painted them. An easy solution to my limited budget.
Hope you have enjoyed the first part of the tour.....see ya soon!


Rose Garden Romantic said...

Very pretty! I love the screen door and the gingerbread piece!

sissie said...

I just love your sweet room. My favorite of course, is your screen door. What a great idea.


Anonymous said...

I so want your screen door!! I so want your room for that matter!! You have done such a fabulous job and I bet you are lovin spending time there!!

The pulls look great and what a thrifty solution! I love the color of the paint you chose to paint the units too and that architectural piece is making me drool!

bee blessed

Jean Tuthill said...

I love it all, Sandy, it's so pretty! You have done a great job and should be very proud of your work. I especially love the screen door, it's adds the perfect touch to your room.

Miss Gracie's House said...

Hi Sandy,
I LOVE how all of this is turning out...the beadboard...the gingerbread...the screen's all so fresh and pretty!

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