Friday, October 17, 2008

The Fine Print

Well, here I am again. I have tried to do a post multiple times over the past two weeks.

I got so frustrated that I almost decided to quit. First I couldn't get my pictures in the right places, then when I tried again it still wouldn't cooperate. Then I finally got the pictures on the page but not where I wanted I decided to remove one picture as when it was enlarged you could see some information that I figured wasn't for posting on the Internet (a personal address) and I tried to remove just the one picture but it removed the whole post. That is why you may have gotten a message that I had a new post but it wasn't there. Bummer!!! I'm also having trouble with my laptop. I'll be typing on one line and it will jump up to a previous line and start typing there. !!!

OK, I'm through wining! what I wanted to talk about were a couple of little details that to me help the total picture . The first is the draw pulls. there wasn't any hardware on the cabinets when I moved in here. So I added them but I wanted something different for the drawers. In two of my previous kitchens I had used old spoons. I went on e-bay to look for 6 spoons that match. It took awhile for 6 that I liked that weren't too expensive. Then I gently bent them over a round surface to form the handle and then attached them to the drawer fronts with Loc-tite adhesive (the one that the guy glues the hammer to the ceiling). It holds right away and is re positional for about 1 hour then is dry in 24 hours. It, also, is white so it didn't show at all on the cream colored cabinets. Be sure to let it dry thoroughly.

Secondly, I dislike a lot of extra wires and cords lying around, especially if they are black, they stand out like a sore thumb in my mostly white kitchen. So, I purchased a nice chipboard box that was covered in nice blue fabric with pink roses. I cut a hole in the back of the box (Actually

it was an x-shaped cut so it would let the cord through but not make a big open hole) Inside the

box I put a power strip. On one side I cut two smaller holes for the cords for my cell phone and blue tooth. Also, the power cord for the cordless phone. None show but are easily accessible if needed. So I'll add the pictures and pray that all goes OK.


Kim's Cottage said...

I'm glad you're working out the kinks on your blog. Sure can be frustrating at times, can't it? I was getting worried about you since it'd been so long since we'd heard from you. Glad you're doing all right. :-)

Now, about that box. Oh my gosh! What a fantastic idea! Truly brilliant! It looks so sweet, you'd never know what is inside. Your Creative Concealment is a stroke of pure genius!

Love the spoons too. Is that picture of a spoon actually on one of your drawers? Gosh, I never knew that adhesive works so well. I'll have to get myself some of that.

Welcome back!


madrekarin said...

Your blog is wonderful and I love your little cottage! Thank you for popping by to visit my blog and your kind words about the necklace. I am making another and putting it to good use in an altered antique photo album I found in KY.
I'll be back to see what's happening in yoru little part of Texas!!

Neabear said...

I am glad to see you finally got your post to post. I could see you had one on my dashboard, but not on your blog. I was wondering how long it was going to take for you to fix that. Nice Pinks. And great idea for the cords.

Myrna said...

Brilliant idea for the cords! Thanks for showing the details.
I love the utensil idea, too. Where do you get that kind of glue?

I'm glad you perserveired thru a frustrating experience in blogging--been there myself!

just a little bit shabby said...

Myrna, I got it a Lowes. It is sometimes hard to find. It is called Loctite brand Power Grab

Sondra Behne' said...

What a great idea with the cords,I'll have to try that out first thing tomorrow. With all of todays tech you'd think there would be fewer cords to deal with but not. I just hate seeing cords all over the place...thanks for spilling the beans

Christian Woman Keeper Of The Home said...

That box to hide cords is a wonderful idea. I will try it. Doylene