Sunday, October 19, 2008

Something New, Something Old

I've shown you all a lot of pictures of my kitchen so I thought that I would show you something else in my house. The picture is of my miniature perfume bottles. I've picked them up from lots of different places and some were gifts from friends who knew that I was collecting them. This box hangs on the wall of my dressing area just off of my bedroom. The pictures in the box are of my daughter. One is her newborn picture and the other was from a dance when she was in high school. I haven't really started working on my bedroom yet. I will start on my daughter's bedroom next as she has finally picked out some fabric to make her coverlet. I swear that girl can't ever make up her mind about things. So I will try to get in an do it before she tells me she's changed mind.

I want to show you all pictures of my living room next but I don't have one vital part of the revamped fireplace done, maybe I'll show you the process we went through and later show you the totally finished project. Stay tuned!


Kim's Cottage said...

What a neat collection. You must be one sweet smelling lady. :-)

I zoomed in to see the pics of your dd. Love the baby picture, even the frame. And she's grown into a beautiful young woman.

I really like the cabinet they're all displayed in too. Can you tell us about it. Where did you get it? It almost looks like it's turned on its side, is that right?


just a little bit shabby said...

Thanks, but I rarely wear perfume! I can't wear it at work (nurse) and my daughter is real sensitive it. I just like the pretty shapes of the bottles. The cabinet can be hung either vertically or horizontally. I got it at Michaels earlier this year when it was half price (my kind of price!)Would you believe that the Prince Machebelli (sp?)bottles sell for more than $5.00 each.The bottle on the top R is very old, it belonged to my grandmother and the last time I looked it was selling for $60. Some of the Lalique and such bottles sell for big amounts. I don't have a lot of expensive ones but I like them. Small bottles are really collectable. Hard to believe. Huh!! thanks for asking.

Kim's Cottage said...

OH my word. I had no idea they were worth so much. I just thought they were pretty. LOL I'll have to go back now and look at that one that was your grandmother's.

Ya' know, I love that. That you have something she held, she used every day (or at least often). That is VERY special.


Neabear said...

What a neat collection! I have several perfume bottles also, but never thought about displaying them in a pretty way. Most are Avon bottles. I don't wear perfume due to work also. I work in a SNF.

Myrna said...

Beautiful display of perfume bottles in your cabinet--love the arrangement!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

That looks beautiful! It's the perfect display piece for your collection!