Friday, November 28, 2008


I've shown you two of my kitchens already. The first is in the house I live in now, the second was one that I saved from being the mirrored beast. Now I am going to show you the kitchen from the house I lived in just before I moved here.

It was a great kitchen and it was very comfortable but two people in there at a time meant being backside to backside if you were at the stove and the sink. Even though my kitchen now is small it has a better working pattern and definitely I have more counter space.

The pine cabinet you see is now in my entryway, painted off white with rose appliques. The shelves up above that piece are, also, painted off white
and on the wall in the kitchen here. The shutters on the kitchen window are now on my
dining room window. The old screen door I bought at a flea market. I painted it and attached the small shelf. It is attached to the ceiling with a screw eye, a screw and a piece of wire. The chandelier over the table I have had in every house I've lived in for the past 40 years! The small table bought for $15 at a garage sale, I just added a new glass top that was larger than original.Is on one of my patios and the chairs are in my living room on either side of my armoire. I, also bought the little high chair at a garage sale. It's fun to see how things look so different in another house.

I wanted to do something different with the paper in this kitchen and with the help of my friend Nancy we picked this paper. I love all the roses. There was a large wooden box fluorescent light box on the ceiling that really brought the ceiling down. I removed it and added the track lighting which gave better light than had been there previously.(I had an electrician do this) I also added the bead board and trim and painted it the same color as I painted the cabinets.

The counter top was the butcher block Formica and since it was neutral I left it. The budget didn't allow for something more expensive. I put in a new sink, faucet, stove and microwave. I wish I had the pictures of the kitchen before I started but they are in my old computer and it crashed.

I need to see if I can find a way to get all those pictures out of that computer. I've purchased a removal stick thingey (don't remember right now what they are called) so this won't happen to me again.


Neabear said...

Fun to see how things we were used in one house and then used in a different way each place you have lived. I am amazed you have kept the same chandelier everywhere you have lived! I am sure it is much loved by you to keep it all these years. Happy Saturday!


It looks so pretty! I love your three tiered basket in your previous post, it turned out great! I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

Kim's Cottage said...

That was a lovely little kitchen!

Believe it or not, I like Formica countertops. I know, I know. Not cool, not trendy, not spendy enough. But Formica is tried and true, lasts forever. And butcher block...ooh la la. So a butcher block Formica counter is the best of both worlds. I'd LOVE to have that in my kitchen.


Sue said...

i just visited your blog for the first time and i love love love it. I'm also a nurse, I have been traveling the last two years and loved it my last travel assignment was Killeen, Texas. I really like Texas.

visit me sometime.


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

That was a cute kitchen...very warm and cozy. I love the open shelves!