Monday, December 1, 2008

The Fireplace is DONE!!

Partly finished

Complete with doors open

Complete with doors open

FINISHED with Doors open


I finally got up the nerve to attack working on decoupaging the print onto the doors to the TV. First I painted the frame. I started with a brown base,then added some shades of green and some blue then added the silver paint. I then added some deeper brown and tried to distress the frame. Then I applied a layer of decoupage glue onto the main part of the doors. I laid the print onto the area with the glue and trimmed it with small craft knife, then I tried to smooth out the wrinkles. That part was tough but after it dried the wrinkles were pretty much gone. I let it dry for a while and then applied another thick layer that I worked around the flowers to gives it the look of being painted. It is a mat finish but with the heavy layer you can see the texture. I had a few touch ups, then let it dry.

When I came home from work today it was dry so I used a completely clean blade and put it deeply into the opening at the top of the frame and then slowly went down the opening until I came out the other end. Then I did the same thing to the middle hinged area.Then I reattached it to the hinges. I still need to do some adjusting of the hinges as it is not quite straight.

I bought the print at Michael's on sale for $7.00. I used my craft paint to paint the frame and I think the bottle of decoupage glue was $5.00. I picked this print as I wanted something that wasn't too busy as I have so much going on in the bookcases.
It also contained some blue and a background that goes with the paint and tile on the fireplace. I still have a little touch up to do but I'm pretty much finished and I'm happy with the way it looks. And just in time for Christmas!


Neabear said...

Wow! That was a major project to take on. You did a great job with it. Looks wonderful.


That looks so good!! I love the ugly tv to be hidden. You did a great job!

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Wow! What a lovely job you did! It's amazing what one can do to make a statement in their home. Great for hiding the TV.


Drama queens mum said...

I love that.

Jean Tuthill said...

Hi Sandy, That looks so nice and you can't tell that it opens and is hiding the TV. You did a very nice job and it looks great.


Hi Sandy,
Thanks for the info on my lampshade (; I knew there was a name for it but could'nt remember what it was!

Sondra Behne' said...

Wow what a great look so custom must be very proud of you self. Keep up the good work.

Do stop by sometime and check out the pink contest we have going on @

Hope to see you there


vintagewindow said...

Fantastic makeover. You did a wonderful job transforming the area. What creativity.


Tea Time With Melody said...

This is just great what you have done. I like it alot.

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