Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fireplace Decorating

Of course every fireplace should have the traditional stockings!! I don't remember exactly when or where I bought these stockings but we've had them for a long time.
I usually get the angel, Jen the Santa and the dogs share the snowman.

This angel sits on the hearth now but she used to go on the top of the tree until this year when I bought the one that is on there now. The new one has a blue apron that goes with this years tree of blue and white. Next year it will depend which color ornaments I use, to decide who will get the honor next year.

These silk poinsettias are on the mantle on each side of the "fake picture" that covers the TV. I added them to some greenery. I think they go really well with the silver and brown on the frame.


Anonymous said...

THat is a beautiful angel! I love your stockings also- they look to be needlepoint? Can you believe we have less than a week till Christmas!!!


Mary said...

Your fireplace is so pretty decked out in it's Christmas decor. I love the angle too.

Penny For Your Thoughts said...

Hey there... I could have sworn that I left you a comment last night. I tend to do my blogging late in the evening, but I certainly remember checking out your photos of your tree angel and leaving a comment of some sort about how beautiful the brown and beige one is. She's lovely. When I look at these gorgeous "renditions" of treetopper lights, I cannot help but wonder the true glory of a real angel... created by God for His specific design for them to bring Him glory and honor and worship. And also to be guardians to us, His children. There have been very difinitive moments in my life that I truly believe that guardian angels have been near me to protect me. And I'm not referring to some cutesey situation, but very real and serious situations. Someday I will have to share one of those stories or two.

Anyhow... all of that to say that I don't know where my original message went to... but I'm glad I came back to say hello... and God bless ye my dear one.

Penny Sue

Neabear said...

Everything is looking so Christmasy here. You do a beautiful job. I also love the picture you currently have in your header.

Penny For Your Thoughts said...

Dear Miss Sandy,

I'm sorry that you were feeling blue. The holidays can do that to us. My big one is in November... and once I get to Thanksgiving Day, I'm so in love with my family that is here remaining on this earth with my miserable soul. I miss my Mother most of all the people I've lost. But I know that she is in such a better place, out of pain, and reunited with loved ones that we all share.

Anyhow, Miss Sandy, you shed whatever tears you need to shed. And for whatever reasons. That is all there is to it. But our HOPE is in the Lord.

You have a good Monday... (probably by the time you read this it will be Monday). Hugs to you Honey, and know my heart is praying for you.

Penny Suzie

C Maisy said...

Love all your pics. Your blog is darling!!