Sunday, December 14, 2008


Well, the past two weeks have not been too good. First of all, we have been SUPER busy at work. Lots of sick people with colds, sore throats and a lot of injuries. We
do employee health for our entire campus of about 3,000 people. Trying to get a lot of projects finished, you get the picture.

Secondly, I've been sick myself. Last Monday morning I was awakened about 3 am with the feeling that the Left side of my head was going to explode!! I had a sinus infection so I spent most of Monday in bed. Then back to work on Tuesday and try to catch up.

We finally were able to get into the garage today to try digging out our tree and decorations. I still have too much stuff in the garage but I can get my car in so
that is MAJOR progress. When I started going through the Rubbermaid containers I was shocked to see that I had 5, yes, 5 of them filled with fabric. That is in addition to all the fabric I have in the house. What's that saying the one with the biggest stash wins!! My Mom told me that she has the same problem that I do. Must be a hereditary disease. When I retire I want to make and sell pillows and other objects. I have a lot of pretty floral fabrics.

Anyway, I finally got the tree up. I have so many different color ornaments. I have
blue, pink, white and of course traditional red and green ornaments. I like angels a lot. I even have the first ornaments I made for the tree the first year I was married. That was 1964. I made little drums that I made with toilet paper cores. I covered them with red velveteen, gold cord and different color velvet ribbon trims.
We went to the local T.G.&Y. (remember them?) and bought some little plastic horns and spray painted them gold. I even made soldiers from clothes pins. It was a cute tree.

This year I to decided to do the blue and white with some of the angels. I added some of the old fashioned fans that I had made out of white paper doilies, pleated and tied with ribbon. The little angel in the Tutu is a Madame Alexander storybook doll that has been on our trees for greater than 50 years. A few crystal icicles and some mirrored ornaments that I made with fishing line and little mirrors from the craft store. The angel on the top I bought at a garage sale when we were in Mobile this past Spring.

I love some of the original trees that I have seen on some blogs but I just didn't get organized soon enough to do anything different this year. I don't have all of my greenery out and fixed but I still have some time to do it if I can.


Anonymous said...

Your tree is wonderful!! I sure hope you are feeling better!

Oh how I would love to go through that stash of fabic- I bet there is some beauties !

TG&Y- I remember those!!! I loved that store! And I made those same little clothespin soldiers for my boys 1 year- I loved your blog it sure made me go back in time!!!


Neabear said...

I remember TG&Y too! I used to go there quite often for craft related things. Wow! A Ross store is in that building now and has been for a long time. Your tree looks beautiful. I hope you are feeling much better. So glad to see a post from you again!

Jean Tuthill said...

Your tree is beautiful, I love all the vintage and handmade ornaments. The little doll is beautiful. I hope you are feeling better and that all goes well for you!

Kim's Cottage said...

I was wondering where you've been. Your tree is lovely. Filled with so many memories. Yes! I remember TG&Y! Wow, I just dated myself, didn't I?

Glad you're feeling better. Merry Christmas!


Neabear said...

Thank you for the visit and for the birthday wishes! All the nice comments really made my day!


Your tree looks beautiful and I wanted to wish you a merry little Christmas!!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Your tree is so pretty! I've been so busy that I haven't spent enough time visiting all my blog friends so I'm trying to catch up! I love the doll in tree! My mom used to buy me Madame Alexander dolls every Christmas...she still has them all!